Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2020

Dr Jan-Michael Mewes

Recent Publications: (all)

Mewes, Smits, PCCP2020
Accurate Elemental Boiling Points From First Principles

Scholz, Massoth, Bursch, Mewes, Hetzke, Wolf, Bolte, Lerner, Grimme, Wagner, JACS, 2020:
Smits, Mewes, Jerabek, Schwerdtfeger, Angewandte, 2020:
Caldeweyher, Mewes, Ehlert, Grimme, PCCP, 2020:
Extension and evaluation of the D4 London-dispersion correction for periodic solids
(HOT Article)

Mewes, Smits, Kresse, Schwerdtfeger, Angewandte, 2019:
Copernicium: A Relativistic Noble Liquid
(Open Access)

Mewes, Smits, Jerabek, Schwerdtfeger, Angewandte, 2019:
Oganesson is a Semiconductor: On the Relativistic Band-Gap Narrowing in the Heaviest Noble-Gas Solids
(Hot Paper, Open Access, auf Deutsch) 
(HOT Article) 


Jan 2021 – current
Scientific Consultant, Lanthanoid-based OLEDs
beeOLED GmbH, Dresden

Jun 2019 – current
Postdoc/Senior Researcher (one-year returning Scholarship, AvH) 
with Prof. Stefan Grimme,
Mulliken-Center for Theoretical Chemistry, Bonn

Sep 2016 – May 2019 
Feodor-Lynen Postdoc (Scholarship of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation)
with Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger,
New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study (NZIAS), Auckland

Mar 2015 – Aug 2016 
Postdoc (Scholarship of HGS Mathcomp)
with Prof. Andreas Dreuw
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, Heidelberg


Oct 2010 – Feb 2015

Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry
with Prof. Andreas Dreuw,
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), Heidelberg,
Fellow of the HGS MathComp
Thesis: „Development and Application of Methods for the Description of Photochemical Processes in Condensed Phase“.

Oct 2008 – Sep 2010
Master of Science in Chemistry,
with Prof. Andreas Dreuw,
Goethe-University, Frankfurt
Thesis: „The Mechanism of Photodecarboxylation of Nitrophenylacetate and the Implications for Ortho-Nitrobenzyl Caged Compounds“.

Oct 2005 – Sep 2008
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry,
with Prof. Andreas Dreuw,
Goethe-University, Frankfurt 
Thesis (German): „Energietransfer in Bakteriellen Lichtsammelkomplexen“.

the final update

After almost three years without a new post, I have to admit that as an early-career scientist and father of two (1 and 4), the time for running a research blog is very limited. Thus, I will turn this website into a somewhat more static source of information.

so long,