Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

publishing in JPC

Publishing can be kind of annoying. In particular if journals outsource the last quanta of work required to convert a manuscript prepared with latex into a journal article in PDF format to the authors.
JPC recently decided to require the authors to provide references in manuscript with article titles in title case as well as some other changes. To save at least some authors from the pain of  doing this by hand or searching the internet for the tools, here they are:
1) Install the achemso package and use:
2) Add these (hopefully self-explanatory) lines in the referenced .bib file:
  ctrl-Article-Title  = "yes",
  ctrl-etal-number    = "10",
  ctrl-max-authors    = "10",
3) Use the perl script provided and described here:
to change all the articles titles in the .bib file to title case.
4) Write an angry mail to ACS and complain.
So long!

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